Below you will find the general conditions of use and bike rental at the Future Bike company of Baldoni Manuel with registered office in Via Martiri di Cefalonia 2, registered in the Perugia Company Register, P.I. 03835670542.

The following conditions are valid with regard to the use, rental and sale made through the website

Article 1 – Term Rental, Rental Fee and Duration

The Manager leases to the Customer the products booked and with payment completed during the purchase on this platform. Models, rental duration and costs will be established during the purchase process and will be confirmed in the order confirmation email that the Customer will receive at the email address indicated.

Article 2 – Security deposit

The Customer, by providing and authorizing to insert the details of his credit card on the Rental Agreement, authorizes the Manager to charge on it the costs due to any damage, loss, theft of the bicycle or any other rented accessory, as per the price list. spare parts attached to the Rental Agreement, in addition to labor costs. The Parties agree that, on the expiry date of the Rental Agreement, the Manager will return the deposit paid by the Customer, provided that the Customer has returned all the rented bicycles to the Manager and that they are in the same state in which they are been delivered to the Customer.

Article 3 – Methods of Payment of the Rental Fee

The rent is paid by the Client at the time of online booking.

Article 4 – Place of Delivery and Redelivery

The Parties agree that the cycles indicated in Article 1 above will be delivered by the Manager to the Customer at its headquarters (manager) and that the Customer undertakes to return the rented cycles to the same delivery location.
Upon request, and if agreed in advance, delivery and redelivery can be made at an address indicated by the customer, for an extra payment for the service.

Article 5 – Rental Fee

The Rental fee includes only the rental fee for making the velocipede available for the duration of the Service Contract. The rental fee does not include any fines, tire punctures, or any damage caused to the velocipede due to carelessness, inexperience and negligence in the use of the velocipede by the Customer and / or by any third party authorized by the Customer to use the velocipede. Furthermore, the rental fee does not include anything not expressly provided for in this Rental Agreement. The services will be provided only on the Italian territory.

Article 6 – Liability

The Customer holds the Manager and Birorent S.r.l. harmless and indemnified. with sole shareholder, the company that owns the velocipedes, from all administrative, civil and criminal liability for all infringements, seizures, penalties, and other responsibilities related to the use and conditions of the rented velocipede and all their parts.

Article 7 – Use of the velocipede

The Manager, at its sole discretion, may refuse the rental of bicycles to people in a state of intoxication, or under the influence of drugs, or for other reasons. During the use of bicycles, the Manager can carry out checks on users, and request the immediate return of the vehicle, in the event that improper conditions of use are identified. The minimum age to rent a bicycle is 18 years, below which accompaniment and the assumption of responsibility by a parent or guardian is required. In particular, the Customer undertakes to use the velocipede with the diligence of a good family man, without alienating it, pledging it or allowing others to establish a right of ownership, pledge, mortgage or possession on the same right, for any reason that may affect the rights by Birorent S.r.l. with sole shareholder, owner of the cycles. The Customer undertakes not to install, without the express authorization of the Manager, any accessory that could create malfunction of the original electrical parts of the velocipede.

The Customer also undertakes not to use or have used the rented bicycles:
a) for the transport of persons or goods in contrast with the provisions of the law;
b) for the transport of dangerous or explosive goods, or in any case harmful to the good conservation of the velocipede;
c) for the transport of contraband goods;
d) to participate in races, course trials and / or competitions of any kind, whether sporting or not;
e) for loads greater than those permitted;
f) to push or pull trailers or other vehicles;
g) by people in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs;
h) for any purpose contrary to the law;
i) on sandy paths, in the presence of fresh and salt water and on uneven paths such as to cause damage to the rented velocipede;
j) by any person acting contrary to the laws and regulations of the State;
k) the Customer declares to be able to drive the velocipede and to be in a psychophysical condition suitable for the use of the velocipede;
l) in the event that the user of the Service is a minor indicated in the Contract, the parent / guardian declares
– she/he is able to lead the velocipede;
– she/he is aware of the road traffic regulations;
– she/he is in a psychophysical condition suitable for the use of the velocipede.

The User, or the parent / guardian, if the user of the Service is a minor indicated in the Contract, will also be exclusively responsible for cases of loss, theft, damage, objects, people and / or animals present or not aboard the velocipede. Otherwise, the Customer will be responsible for any damage caused to the minor himself, to vehicles or to third parties. The Customer undertakes to park the velocipede properly, locked and where the velocipede is provided, with the alarm inserted.

Article 8 – Damage, Accidents and Theft

In case of theft of the velocipede or even of some parts only of it and of damage caused by vandalism or accidents, the “Customer” undertakes to:
a) Immediately inform the Manager by providing a detailed description of the damage suffered by the velocipede;
b) In the event of total theft, to report the fate to the judicial authority within and no later than 12 hours and to send a copy of the report to the Manager, it also undertakes to immediately return all the keys to the velocipede, together with the battery charger (if provided upon delivery of the velocipede). It is agreed that in the event of total theft, the Customer is required to reimburse a penalty equal to the value of the velocipede in the conditions in which it was delivered.
c) In the event of theft of parts of the velocipede, the “Customer” must pay the Manager, by way of reimbursement, a penalty equal to the amount of the spare part as per the spare parts list attached to the RENTAL AGREEMENT plus the costs of labor.
d) If the damage to the velocipede exceeds 70% of the purchase value of a new velocipede, the “Customer” must pay the Manager, by way of reimbursement, a penalty equal to the “reimbursement value in case of theft of the velocipedes” (see attachment of the same name).

Article 9 – Processing of Personal Data

The “Customer” declares to have read and accepted the information on the processing of personal data in the Privacy Policy.

Article 10 – Customer Assistance

For needs of any nature not specified in the previous points, contact the email address or the telephone number 320.6788063

Article 11 – Return

In the event that the rented material does not return, on the seventh day from the expiry of the return period, a report for theft will be filed against the customer to the competent authorities.

Article 12 – Early termination

The early termination of the rental agreement is possible only if the materials have not yet been delivered (only for purchases at the Future bike shop without reservation).

In the case of rental with transport, requested on the same day, the contract cannot be canceled if the manager has arrived at the customer’s address or is traveling.

In the case of booking through the website, the customer has up to 14 days to withdraw from the contract with relative reimbursement, provided that it is made at least 5 days before the date of use of the service.